What is Africa’s Children NOW?

We believe the answer to Africa’s challenges is healthy local churches engaging their communities. Africa’s Children is committed to strategically investing in and partnering with local churches to meet the needs of children.

The numbers representing the needs of children in Africa are overwhelming and paralyzing. If we think it is up to us to meet every need we will probably do nothing. But what if we were to be a part of something bigger? What if we were a part of encouraging every church, in every country to be actively involved in outreach and discipleship to every child in their community?

Conservative estimates put the number of children in Africa over 400 million, almost the size of the entire U.S. population. That’s an overwhelming, potentially paralyzing number. There is another number that we need to consider. There are currently 80,000 Assemblies of God churches across Africa. If we look at 400 million through the potential of 80,000 churches in communities all over Africa, suddenly those scary numbers begin to shrink considerably.

That’s what the Africa’s Children NOW initiative is all about. It’s about harnessing the potential of the African church to reach children. It’s about everyone doing something to see a huge change. An Africa where every child has experienced the love of Christ and chosen to follow Him is an impossible dream if we think it is all up to one church or one organization. But if we work together, each of us doing something, with God’s help the impossible dream isn’t so impossible anymore.

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Now is the time to empower local churches to reach children.


Now is the time to care for children in need.


Now is the time to equip children’s workers with the tools and training they need to do their job.


Now is the time reach children with the message of God’s love for them.

Our Approach


Our prayer is that the Africa’s Children NOW initiative will be more than just an emphasis that comes and goes but rather a catalyst that propels us into a new future in terms of children’s ministry on the continent. Some of the goals we have set for the NOW initiative are:

  • Encourage every local Assemblies of God church in Africa to be actively involved in outreach and discipleship to children in their communities.
  • Raise awareness amongst US churches for the need for children’s workers on the continent. There are at least 10 countries where we could place a children’s ministry missionary right now if we had the people willing to go.
  • Connect US churches with projects that truly enhance the ability of local African churches to reach kids.
  • Enlist 100,000 people to pray weekly for the children of Africa.

Imagine the change that would happen if every church in every country were to reach out to every child in their community. We can make a huge difference if we work together. We are inviting you to be among the first to partner with us in this new initiative. NOW is the time to reach Africa’s next generation. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share some strategic ways that you can be a part of reaching Africa’s next generation, one child at a time.

Strategic Engagement

The needs of children in Africa come in all different shapes and sizes. Africa’s Children NOW has grouped these needs into four strategic areas of engagement; Empowering, Caring, Equipping and Reaching. When giving to Africa’s Children NOW, you can give to the NOW initiative in general (where most needed), to one of the four strategic areas of engagement, or even to a specific project within one of those areas if you would like.

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