Our Vision

An Africa where every child has experienced the love of Christ and chosen to follow Him.

Mission Statement

We commit to evangelize, disciple, and show compassion to the children of Africa. We will partner with every national church by training and equipping them to effectively minister to the physical and spiritual needs of children.



Every missionary and national church has access to material and human resources for holistic children’s ministry.

Mobilize New Missionaries

Every country in Africa has a children’s ministry missionary.


New missionaries are intentionally trained and mentored in culturally appropriate children’s ministry.

Developing Partnerships

AG churches in the States are aware of the opportunities and engaged in partnering with Africa’s Children.

Engage National Church

Africa’s Children is intentionally engaging national churches to encourage and empower children’s ministry.

Core Values


We believe in the power of multiplication. We will have greater impact when we help to raise up and equip children’s ministers across the continent. We are committed to training and equipping local believers to minister to children.


We believe in the power and potential of national churches. Local churches are strategically placed to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children. We are committed to partnering with local churches, believing that this is the best practice for long-term and broad-reaching results.


We believe that every child deserves the chance to hear about God’s redeeming love. We are committed to encouraging local churches to share the message of Christ’s love with children in creative ways. This includes the children around them and beyond, including those in unreached people groups.


We believe that local churches are the best hope for addressing the compassionate needs of children in Africa. We are committed to focus our compassionate efforts on discipling and equipping local believers to demonstrate the love of God in practical and sustainable ways.


We believe in helping children grow in their faith because the strength of tomorrow’s church depends on how well we teach children today. We are committed to helping churches find appropriate ways to provide consistent Biblical teaching on a child’s level and providing the materials to accomplish this task.


We believe that those best equipped to minister to African children are Africans themselves. We are committed to ministry models that encourage local involvement and ownership and which use the resources available in their context.


We believe that the best long-term solution for meeting the needs of children is a strong and growing faith community with a commitment to the Biblical mandate for ministry to children in all areas of their lives. We are committed to ministry to children within the context of a community of faith.

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