We believe that every child in Africa deserves to experience the love of Jesus.


We envision a kid-friendly church within walking distance of every child in Africa.


We meet the spiritual and physical needs of children in Africa by resourcing, training, and inspiring local churches.



We believe Jesus calls us to share His love with everyone, especially children in Africa. We are committed to following the biblical example that Jesus gives us to reach, teach, and show compassion to the children of Africa.


We believe those best equipped to minister to African children are Africans themselves. We will have a greater impact when we help raise up and equip children’s ministers across the continent. We are committed to ministry models that encourage local involvement and ownership and which use the resources available in their context.


We believe in the power and potential of local churches, which are strategically placed to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children. We are committed to partnering with local churches.



We resource missionaries and local churches in Africa by providing teaching and training materials, helping with spaces for education and spiritual development, and developing programs to meet the spiritual and physical needs of children.


We train local African believers to reach and teach children, and develop leaders who will champion the needs of children.


We advocate for ministry to children by inspiring local churches in Africa to meet the needs of children in their communities and by being a catalyst where ministry to children does not exist.

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