Children’s Church Structures


Goal: $2,000

each structure

Help us build structures for children's church throughout Africa.


It is very common when visiting churches in Africa to see the kids being taught under a tree or in the shade of the church building. One of the needs most often mentioned by churches is the need for adequate space for ministry to children and teens. Churches need a place out of the rain and the sun where they provide specific ministry to the next generation.

By helping to build a children’s church structure you are helping to provide for that need. Not only does this project meet that specific need but it is also done in such a way that it encourages churches to be involved themselves and look for solutions on their own. The goal of this project is not just roofs, it is to change the mentality and attitudes of pastors and leaders to where they begin to consider how they can creatively meet this need for space on their own. Thank you for helping Africa’s Children create dedicated spaces for ministry to the next generation.

Many churches in Africa don’t have a space for kids’ church. Instead they have to meet under a tree where there is a bit of shade.


When you give to the Children’s Church Structures project, churches in Africa can provide spaces for children and teens to learn about Jesus.


Many times the church gets so excited about having a Children’s Church Structure that they go beyond the basic structure that is provided. This church put up all the walls with their own money.


This church now has a great place for their young people to come and worship God and learn about His word. These kids are thankful to have a kid-friendly church that provides them with their own space.



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