Jump Start


Goal: $5,000

Funds a National Children's Department literature program.

Help us equip teachers in local churches by providing culturally relevant tools for teaching God’s word.

Your donation of $5 puts a creative teaching tool in the hands of a children's worker.



In order to build children into strong disciples of Jesus, teachers need access to multiple tools in their own language. Africa’s Children is committed to helping national churches provide materials for children’s workers in local churches.

The Jump Start project provides funds for developing and printing materials in local languages. With a seed money grant, national churches can do a first print run. With the funds from the sale of the first print run, they can print additional materials as they need them. In this way, they become independent and self-sustaining providers of materials to their churches.

Your involvement in the Jump Start project equips the children’s ministry workers in an entire country. Each book that is placed in the hands of an individual teacher means that the children in that community will better understand God’s word. Equipping teachers with the right tools changes lives.

For $5,000 we can impact an entire nation by jump starting a national children’s ministry’s program of printing and distributing curriculum. With your donation of  $5, one teacher gets an effective, culturally relevant tool in their hands to jump start their children’s ministry.

Most kids’ churches in Africa don’t have videos or pictures or prizes as a part of their kids’ church. Many teachers have to create the lessons all on their own.
When you give to the Jump Start project you are helping teachers get books and other tools that help them teach the Bible to kids in creative ways.
Kids learn a lot more when their teachers use exciting games, illustrations and other creative tools to teach.
Your involvement in this project helps create kid-friendly churches by providing them with the tools they need to teach kids God’s word in creative ways.

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